10 Advantages with Hidden24

  • Founded in 2006 with track record of protecting tens of thousands of individuals
  • Makes you 100% anonymous and safe online. We hide and replace your ip address, and encrypt your network traffic
  • Gives you UK IP-address, also when you are abroad
  • High speed, operator class internet connection, and 9 data centres for reliability
  • Protects all types of network traffic
  • 2048 bit state of the art unbreakable encryption
  • No logging at all, we do not log anything
  • Unlimited surf
  • Works with all your devices, including Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, Linux
  • Accessible customer service over ticket or email

Why Hidden24

Why Hidden24 is the safest and best service for anonymous Internet usage

We are confident that Hidden24 is the absolute best and safest service for anonymous Internet use. We dare even call it bomb-
proof. The following factors are important for guaranteeing your anonymity.

No one can monitor your activity on the Internet

Completely neutral service provider

Hidden24 does not keep a directory of its clients

Operational reliability with high performance

We do not log any traffic

How It Works

Hidden24 exchanges your IP address for an IP address that belongs to Hidden24. This means that all your activity on the internet can only be traced back to Hidden24.

On reaching us, the tracks end and nothing can be traced back to you. The connection between your computer and Hidden24 is encrypted with VPN. This means that no one can monitor the traffic between your computer and Hidden24. The encryption also makes it impossible for intruders to see where you surf, or to steal your identity by eavesdropping on  your traffic.