17 Jul 2024: All systems 100% operational
Ever had the feeling you are being watched?

We give you anonymity, safety and integrity online

Did you know that your ISP is monitoring everything you do online – even down to the words you search for on Google? Were you aware that anyone can access your iPhone when you connect to a public wifi? Our VPN encrypts your network traffic, replaces your IP-address, and keeps you completely safe from all integrity threats online.

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4 key benefits for you

Online Privacy

We encrypt your internet traffic and hide your IP address, to make you 100% anonymous and safe online

Ultra Fast

Unlimited speed, and multiple datacenters, with 2048-bit unbreakable encryption

Safe Wi-Fi

Your data is safe from eavesdropping and hackers when you are accessing the internet from a public Wi-Fi

Videos and TV

Watch US Video and TV from anywhere, with a US IP-address. In addition 6 more countries available.

10 Advantages with Hidden24


Track RecordFounded in 2006 with track record of protecting tens of thousands of individuals


100% anonymous and safe We hide your IP-address, and encrypt your network traffic with 2048 bit unbreakable encryption.


Avoid censorshipSome countries block traffic to parts if the internet. Use us to access the free internet.


High SpeedOperator class internet connection


Full ProtectionProtects all types of network traffic. Choose between L2TP/IPSEC and PPTP.


Choose countryUse IP address from US, United Kingdom, Germany, France or Sweden


No LoggingNo logging at all – we do not log anything


Unlimited SurfYou can surf as much as you like, and from as many devices as you like


All DevicesWorks with all your devices, including Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, Linux


Great Customer ServiceAccessible customer service over ticket or email

Our Vision: "To protect the world’s Internet users, and to guard their privacy, freedom and integrity."

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Hidden24 is the safest and fastest service for anonymous Internet usage

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