You first need to sign up for the service, by creating an account on After you have signed up for Hidden24 you need to create a VPN connection on your computer, to be able to connect to our datacenters. You need to do this only once for each computer or device.

Please follow these simple instructions to create a VPN connection, and start using Hidden24 with your new login and password. If you need more help, there are more detailed Installation Guide PDFs for all kinds of devices further down on this page.

If you already know how to set up a VPN connection on your device, use these simplified instructions

Step 1: Create a VPN connection with the following settings

Type of VPN connection: L2TP over IPSEC

Server address:

Account: the same USERNAME you have chosen when subscribing to Hidden24

Password: the same PASSWORD you have chosen when subscribing to Hidden24

Shared secret/PSK: AnonymousMe (be careful with upper and lower case)

Make sure to select “Send all traffic over VPN connection” or similar, if you have that option available, possibly under “Advanced settings”

Step 2: Connect to Hidden24

With your newly created connection, you are now able to connect to Hidden24, and start using the web anonymously and with a UK IP address.

If you need more help, please download the detailed Installation Guide for your device, and follow the instructions


Step 1: Select your system

Select your operating system in the table below and choose the online (text) or PDF instructions. If the guide provided is not for your exact version, you will still find the guide useful, as creating a VPN connection typically is similar across versions of the same device.

Device Version Installation guide
Windows Windows 10 Download PDF guide for Windows 10
  Windows 7 Download PDF guide for Windows 7
Mac OS Sierra 10.12 Download PDF guide for Mac OS
iPhone / iPad iOS 10 Download PDF guide for iPhone and iPad
Android Android 7 Download PDF guide for Android

Step 2: Create connection

Follow the instructions in the PDF to set up the VPN connection.

Step 3: Connect to Hidden24

Log in with the username and password you chose while subscribing to Hidden24. Then press the connect button to start using Hidden24. If you forgot your password, go to MyAccount at to request a new one.