There are many reasons why you might be concerned about your safety on the Internet and why it is wise to use a VPN when using your computer and phone online. Please read the following list which details the most common reasons for wanting to be safe and use a VPN.

1 Protect yourself from identity theft and eavesdropping
Can Hidden24 protect me from someone stealing my identity or eavesdropping on me?

Yes, this is one of the most important usages of a VPN service like Hidden24. When you for example visit a cafe, library or other public place, and connect to their wifi, you are essentially sharing the internet connection with anyone else also connected to the same wifi. A malicious user can then eavesdrop on your network traffic . the websites you visit, the forms you fill out, and the contents of the mails you send. This is easy to do with modern technology and some knowledge on “sniffing” network traffic. With Hidden24, you are protected against anyone eavesdropping on you, and stealing sensitive personal details such as your credit card number, passwords, or even your identity.

2 Safe finances
Do I need Hidden24 to protect me while using my Internet bank?

Yes, Hidden24 provides you with extra protection when you handle your finances via your internet bank. Our service makes sure no one can see which bank you use or at what time you use it.

3 Email
I want to use my web mail (hotmail, gmail, etc), they are anonymous, right?

No, you are not anonymous when you send web mail, not even when you get to choose your own email address! Since hotmail and the other web mail clients can trace your IP number, it is possible to see that you have registered an account. By using Hidden24 you can remain completely anonymous while using web mail, given that you register your mail account after installing Hidden24.

4 File sharing
I want to be able to share files without anyone knowing. Is that possible with Hidden24?

Yes, Hidden24 supports file sharing in all file sharing clients on the market. You can share files completely anonymously.

5 Increased computer protection
I have an antivirus program and a firewall, do I really need Hidden24 or am I safe without it?

Yes, Hidden24 provides you with extra protection. The firewall protects you against intrusion and the antivirus against virus. Hidden24 provides you with another kind of protection, namely 100% anonymity on the Internet. This is something that neither the antivirus nor the firewall can provide.

6 Journalist
I am a journalist, and need to protect my sources. I do not want my own IT-department or my ISP to be able to see which websites I am visiting. Can Hidden24 help protect my journalistic integrity, as well as my sources?

Yes, we have many journalists using our service for this very reason. If you read about our history, you will know that Hidden24 was originally devised by a group of independent journalists, worried about the implications of the government surveillance.

7 Sensitive Searches
I sometimes look up sensitive information on the Internet and do not want the Search engine or my ISP to be able to see my IP address. Does Hidden24 protect my integrity whilst using a search engine?

Yes, Hidden24 protects your integrity so that no one will be able to trace the search back to your computer. This is extra important as no employees of your ISP will be able to look at your online searches – something they can do without Hidden24.

8 Chat
I am worried that someone will be able to trace me or my children by our IP address when we chat or IM. Can Hidden24 protect us?

Yes, Hidden24 provides a complete protection of your IP address and can therefore provide extra protection for you and your children.

9 Political registration
I am worried that the government will survey my internet activity for political purposes. I want to be able to browse information freely on the Internet without risk of my political views being registered. Does Hidden24 protect my integrity?

Yes, Hidden24 makes sure that neither your ISP, the government, nor anyone else can survey your internet use.

10 Internet censorship
I live in a country where I am not allowed to visit certain sites on the internet. Can Hidden24 help me access these sites?

Yes, Hidden24 provides a way around the Internet censorship of your country. Since you are effectively surfing from the US you can access sites from all over the world.

11 Online casinos
I am not allowed free access to gambling sites in my country. Will Hidden24 help me access these sites?

Yes, by using Hidden24 you have unlimited access to the internet.

12 Integrity protection
I want to protect my personal integrity on the internet and dislike the thought of being monitored by my Internet provider. Can Hidden24’s service help put my mind at ease?

Yes, by using Hidden24, your internet provider will not be able to register your activity on the Internet.

13 Business secrets
I work in finance and do a lot of due diligence on other companies corporations. Can Hidden24 protect our activities on the internet from our ISP or competitors?

Yes, thanks to Hidden24, outsiders can not follow where you surf on the web and see, for example, which companies you might be interested in.

14 Watching TV
Can Hidden24 help me watch US TV from abroad.

Yes, because you get a US IP-address, you will be able to access ll TV on demand services as if you were still in the US. This is helpful if you are travelling or if you are living abroad.

15 Secret Identity
I am in the witness protection program. Can Hidden24 help preserve my integrity?

Yes, people who live under threat have the right to be active on the Internet. By using Hidden24 you get an increased anonymity and integrity protection.

16 At work
My employer monitors my Internet activity at the office which I do not approve of. Can Hidden24 help me?

Yes, by using Hidden24 you make it impossible for anyone to monitor your activity, including superiors at your workplace. For instance if you were to look for another job.

17 Freedom of speech
I find it odd to promote freedom of speech at the same time as you increase surveillance of ordinary people. Can Hidden24 help me take a stand in this matter?

Yes, by using Hidden24 you show that you value freedom of speech and democracy, and that you are against digital registration and storage of internet traffic.

18 Disease
I am suffering from an unusual illness and I want to keep this information to myself. Can Hidden24 protect my anonymity when I search for information about my illness on the internet?

Yes, Hidden24 prevents anyone other than yourself from knowing which health sites you have visited or what information you have been given.