There are many aspects as to why Hidden24 is the best and safest service for anonymous Internet use.

1) No one can monitor your activity on the Internet

When you use the Internet through Hidden24 you remain completely anonymous at all times. We replace your computer’s IP-address so that it can not be traced back to you. We also encrypt your internet traffic for you.  This will ensure your anonymity whilst you do your online banking, send emails, search the internet, browse the internet, chat, share files or whatever you do. Hidden24 not only protects you whilst you surf, it protects all network traffic to and from your computer.

This means that no one – not your internet provider, the government or hackers, can see what you do on the internet. Importantly, our systems are also built in such a way that not even our own IT-staff can see what our customers do in our systems. This sets us apart from our competitors.

2) Completely neutral service provider

Hidden24 is owned by a Swedish company, in a stable, neutral democracy, where freedom of speech is in place, where the legal system is separate from the government, and where the people in power can be held accountable through full transparency. The company that owns Hidden24 is not an ISP but an independent and neutral service provider, with values that align with the right to integrity online. It is extremely important to be able to trust a corporation’s independence when the service it is providing is designed to make you anonymous.

3) Hidden24 does not keep a directory of its clients

We do not keep a directory of our customers, other then the email address you submit when you apply for an account and your credit card details. You do not have to disclose your name or address when signing up. Also important to understand is that even if you tell people you are a customer of Hidden24, it’s still impossible for anyone to know what you are using it for. We protect your personal integrity by encrypting your traffic and replacing your IP-address, and that is the safety we provide for you.

4) Operational reliability with high performance

Our system is built to run reliably and provide maximum performance. By choosing Hidden24 you are guaranteed full access to the net without interruptions or loss of performance. We continuously expand our capacity to meet your needs. 

5) Reliable customer service

We use a ticketing system to make sure your support requests get managed and replied to in a structured way. You can always login to your account and see your tickets as well as your orders and subscriptions. We want to provide you with the best support possible, to ensure you can enjoy being anonymous without any hassle.