3 reasons you need to trust your VPN provider

James Duncan
March 21, 2017

One of the most important aspects when choosing a VPN service!

One of the most important aspects (if not the most important aspect) when choosing a VPN service, is the level of trust you have in the service provider. If you do not trust the provider, how can you trust them to protect your anonymity and integrity? Here are three important things to consider when deciding who to trust with your integrity online.

1 What if the IT-staff have access to the VPN platform?

What if a VPN service provider employs IT-staff that have access to data in the platform? After all, VPN services are delivered through a technology platform that needs to be configured and maintained. Should individuals have access, you would not be not fully protected, since there will be individuals within the organisation of your VPN service provider that can see your traffic.

We have designed our systems in such a way that not even the people working for Hidden24 can access the core of the technology platform and see the traffic. We believe this is unique, and a proprietary security solution that we are very proud of. We trust our platform so much that we use it ourselves, knowing that absolutely no one in our organisation have access to the platform (not even our boss!).

2 What if my VPN provider is operated in the cloud?

Some VPN providers deliver their services though cloud services, such as for example through Amazon AWS. They will typically tell you they have data centres in lots and lots of countries. But the data centres are not their own, and the VPN service is running on systems they do not control 100% themselves. If they rent capacity and platforms from someone else, how can they really guarantee your integrity? The truth is, they can probably not.

We on the other hand operate our own proprietary systems in our own data centres. We believe this is essential, and makes a huge difference in terms of trust.

3 What if your VPN requires you to download and install a special VPN client to your computer?

Some VPN services ask you to download and install a VPN client software to connect to the VPN service. We don’t. Instead we use the built-in VPN client of the operating system (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android).

While it may require a little bit of work to set up the first time, this is worth doing for security reasons. By avoiding the installation of yet another software on your computer – that may in itself have security flaws – you reduce the complexity.

We think it is key to offer our clients the simplest possible solution for connecting to our platform. As you probably know, the less complex IT-solutions, the more secure they are.

Trust is key

These were a few words on the importance of trust when choosing a VPN. We know there are many other factors that are important as well, such as speed and reliability (yes, we aim to be best of class here too). But when it comes to building a platform with trust in mind, we believe that we are fairly unique in the market.

Some VPN services ask you to download and install a VPN client software to connect to the VPN service. We don’t. Instead we use the built-in VPN client of the operating system.



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